Welcome to Troop 133
Chalfont, PA

Meets Wednesday 7:30 - 9:00
September through June
Chalfont United Methodist Church

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These notes have been prepared for any members and/or new members to the Troop, to make your first days as easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Scoutmaster or any Troop Committee member.

Meetings are held from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., every Wednesday after Labor day until the week before we go to summer camp, typically early July. There are three exceptions, the Wednesdays before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. These specific dates and others that may be foreseen are listed in the troop annual calendar which is given out at our fall parents night and can also be obtained from this homepage.

We request that Scouts do not arrive before 7:25pm and are picked up promptly at 9:00pm.


If a meeting must be canceled the PATROL LEADERS will inform the scouts in their Patrol. As a general rule, if school is closed early or for the whole day due to snow or other weather conditions there will not be a troop meeting that night. If you are in doubt, then call your Patrol Leader.


Dues are $15.00 per year payable by October 31 each year.


The program planned by the troop leader's council provides many opportunities for advancement. The Troops leaders are always available to work with you to learn the skills required; but your actual advancement is your responsibility. It is your responsibility to know what you need for your next rank. It is your responsibility to plan for what you need to pass a particular test. Don't expect others to provide you with the materials and equipment you need at the last minute.

Go to your patrol leader or another troop leader when you are ready to passa test not after you have done it when no one saw you.

Boards of review are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. Before you can go before the board of review you must have had a Scoutmaster's conference during the preceding month. If you wait until the day of the board we may not be able to do it. Then you will have to wait until the next scheduled board of review.

Full uniform must be worn. No uniform - Scoutmaster's conference or board of review.

Merit badges

The procedure for earning a merit badge is:

1. Decide which merit badge you want to work on.
2. Get a friend to work on it with you.
3. Get a signed merit badge card from the Assistant Scoutmaster for advancement.
4. Consult the merit badge counselor list for the name of a counselor near you. The Assistant Scoutmaster for advancement has this list.
5. Call the counselor and set up an appointment to meet with him. Meet with your merit badge counselor before you start to work on the requirements. You may not have done things the way he wants them done and have to do them all over again.
6. When you have finished the requirements and the counselor has signed the merit badge card give the card to the Assistant Scoutmaster for advancement so he can record it in the troop records and get the badge for you.


In most cases you will be presented with the badges you earned at the troop meeting following your board of review.

[*] Parent's Nights:

From time to time, usually two or three times a year we hold a parent's
night and court of honor to recognize all those scouts who have
advanced since the last court of honor. Parent's nights are held on
regular troop meeting nights. We try to make these meetings a time for
all the scout families to get to know each other. Refreshments are
served after the formal part of the meeting. The beverage is provided
by the troop and each family is asked to bring a desert type snack that
can be eaten by hand. We try to keep cleanup to a minimum.

Please try to attend these ceremonies. It is important to the Scouts to
be recognized for their efforts.

[*] Eagle Courts Of Honor:

Eagle courts of honor are held as needed. This is a very special court
of honor that is often held in the church of the scout to be honored.
It is a formal occasion and invitations are mailed to every family in
the Troop as well as friends and relatives of the Eagle Scout and his
family. This is the ultimate achievement of a young mans scouting
career. The leaders and troop committee of troop 133 urge you to make
every possible effort to attend these very important events. This is a
time for the entire scouting family of troop 133 to turn out in force
to honor a scout's achieving this ultimate goal of scouting.


1. A permission form, signed by a parent or guardian is required for each
2. This permission form serves several purposes:

Provide basic information regarding the dates, times and location of the activity.

Assure the troop leadership that the parents are aware of the activity and that they agree to their Scouts participation.

Provide some basic medical information that may be important in case of an emergency.

3. This form must be returned to the transportation chairman on or before the troop meeting one and one half weeks prior to the campout. If it is not returned by this time you may not be able attend this campout.
4. This permission form will give the departure and approximate return times as well as the location of the campsite and any other special instructions.
5. Additional instructions will also be given at the troop meetings prior to the campout.


Attendance at troop meetings and activities is one of the requirements for advancement in each rank from Tenderfoot up to Eagle. 100% attendance at troop meetings and activities is desirable for a scout to derive the most benefit from the program. With the multitude of activities that most boys are involved in this is not usually possible and we realize this. As long as a scout is present at as many troop functions as possible we consider him to be actively participating in the program. We do, however, request the courtesy of being informed of any prolonged periods of absence that may benecessary because of involvement in other activities such as sports, band etc.

Parental involvement

We need the help of all parents to make our troop's program successful. Some
of the areas in which you will be asked to help from time to time are:

1. Transportation to and from activities.
2. Refreshments at courts of honor and Patent's Nights as mentioned above.
3. Our annual spaghetti dinner (the troop's major fund raiser).
4. Campouts. Parents are always welcome to camp with the troop's leaders on campouts. We can put you to good use.
5. Maintenance and repair of troop equipment.
6. We also welcome new additions to our leadership and troop committee. New people often translate into new ideas and both are always needed to keep our troop in top shape.

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